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We aim to lead the new generation of semiconductor based technology innovation by semiconductor materials and device research.

Post-silicon Semiconductor Institute Director-General Dr. Joonyeon Chang presto@kist.re.kr  82-2-958-5101

The current silicon based technology is rapidly
reaching the limit in decreasing its size and speed.

KIST’s Post-Silicon Semiconductor Institute is working to develop advanced semiconductors using new materials and exhibiting superior performance to silicon-based technology. The goal is to produce semiconductors that are 10x faster and use 1/10 the current power consumption. Research is focused on oxide semiconductors, spin electronic devices, opto-electronic convergence devices and attachable electronic devices for health monitoring.


  • Mission

    PSI aims to explain the experimentally observed phenomena in both the industry-relevant technology and the quantum physics. The institute aims to develop new technologies beyond Si-electronics technology and bridge the lab sector to the industry sector.

  • Vision

    Post-Si Semiconductor Institute (PSI) pursues the world leading research in the field of materials and devices, focusing on post-Si technology and quantum electronics.

  • Goal

    To build a full cycle, mutually complementary, and efficient system. Material development->Material synthesis->Improvement in functions.

Organization chart

Organization chart