Research field introduction

- Develop core technology of electronic materials and components for the use in next generation
- Advance the understanding of electronic materials for new functionality

The primary research goal of Center for Electronic Materials is to develop and disseminate the original technologies of designing, processing, and characterizing thin films and devices for the use as the core electronic materials and components in future information/energy technology. Our research areas range from the material level to device applications and focus on capacitive, resistive/conductive, and photonic-convergent materials and their applications in electronic devices.

Research field

Research field

Smart Electronic Materials

  • - Anion-control semiconductor materials
  • - Multifunctional oxide materials and devices
  • - 3D nanostructure oxide based gas sensors
  • - Hetero-epitaxial oxide growth
  • - Synthesis of functional thin film materials by ALD
  • - Piezoelectric energy harvesting system
  • - Synthesis of piezoelectric materials and devices
  • - Thin film type secondary battery materials
Smart Electronic Materials
Optofunctional material

Optofunctional materials

  • - High sensitivity plasmonic sensing layers
  • - Design of novel plasmonic nanostructure and fabrication process
  • - Plamonics based finger print spectroscopic chips

Computational materials design

  • - Computational materials design for electronic and energy devices
  • - Material informatics
Computational materials design


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