Center for Opto-electronic Materials and Devices

Research field introduction

Research on core materials for future new technology such as softronics

We develop the new materials and devices for smart human adaptive interface on green technology coping with future environmental pollution and resource exhaustion as well as, silver technology for aging generation.

Diverse ideas through experiments and quantum chemical methods are studied and achieved to realize the new opto-electronic materials and devices. We grow the semiconductor-based epi-structures and nanomaterials: Quantum dots, Quantum wells, Nanoparticles, Nanowires.

Research on III-V on Si platform to overcome conventional Si CMOS

We aim to provide new original platform realizing III-V devices on other substrate such as Si using epitaxial growth and wafer bonding technology to overcome conventional Si CMOS

Mid-IR and Far-IR sensors are being depeloped using quantum well and quantum dot.



High temp. QD IR photo-detector

  • - To overcome the large dark current problem that gives rise to degradation in performance of current generation InAs/GaAs QDIPs at temperature above 150K. QDIPs can be used for components in night vision, weapons detection and medical imaging equipment.
고온동작 양자점 적외선 디텍터 구현
Flexible electronics

Flexible electronics

  • - The use of Ag NW mesh is a promising and practical approach to realization of high performance, easy-to-fabricate, and flexible OSCs, paving the way for development of low cost and large-scale next generation renewable energy source [Small 11, 1905 (2015)]

Black phosphorus (BP) FET

  • - BP guarantees both high carrier mobility and on/off ratio of electronic device. BP can provide ultrahigh-speed optic-electronic interfaces (e.g. modulator, O/E converters). [ACS Nano 8, 11753 (2014)]
Black phosphorus (BP) FET
친환경 백색 퀀텀닷 LED

Eco-friend White QDLED

  • - Eco-friend ZnO-graphene quasi-core-shell QD is synthesized and white color QDELD as potential application is demonstrated. [Nature Nanotechnology 7, 465 (2012)]



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  • Choi, Won Jun검색

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    Nano-Photonics(QD-LD(VCSEL), PBG) Semico..

  • Do Kyung Hwang검색

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  • Hyunsu Ju검색

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  • Jung Ah Lim검색

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