Research field introduction

We are preparing for the upcoming "Quantum Age" by studying fundamentals of quantum science and developing key technologies in quantum engineering.

Our mission is to lead scientific and technological innovations around the globe by examining a wide range of research in quantum science and its applications, including quantum communications and quantum computing.



Implementation of 1x16 quantum key distribution system

  • - 1 X 16 QKD network using wavelength and time division multiplexing

1x16 양자키분배 시스템 구현
양자해킹 및 방지책 구현

Quantum hackings and their countmeasures

  • - Propose a quantum hacking method and its countermeasure based on low-noise single-photon detectors with background noise cancellation scheme [Phys. Rev. A 94, 062321 (2016)]
  • - Propose a quantum hacking method and its countermeasure based on laser source attack

Plug-and-Play Measurement-Device-Independent quantum key distribution (P&P MDI -QKD)

  • - Improve the practicality of MDI-QKD by adopting the plug-and-play architecture [PRA 93, 032319 (2016)]
플러그앤플레이 MDI (Measurement Device Independent) 양자암호키분배 구현

Representative research achievements Implementation of quantum gate and its characteristic evaluation

  • - Implementation of CNOT gate and its evaluation
양자게이트 구현 및 특성 평가
양자 상관관계 생성 및 제어

Implementation of quantum correlation

  • - Implementation and manipulation of quantum entanglement and quantum discord with photon pairs
  • - Protecting quantum correlations from noisy channel [Opt. Express 23, 26012 (2015)]

Manipulation and measurement of spin qubits in a diamond defects

  • - Manipulation and measurement of spin coherence using optically detected magnetic resonance
다이아몬드 스핀 제어 및 측정
나노포토닉스 구조결합을 이용한 다이아몬드 기반 고효율 단광자 광원

High efficiency single-photon source using nanophotonics

  • - Implementation of high efficiency single-photon source using Bull’s eye grating and nanodiamond


  • Han, Sang Wook검색

    Principal Researcher


  • Moon, Sung Wook검색

    Principal Researcher


    Electronics / Communications Engineering..

  • Yong-Su Kim검색

    Principal Researcher


  • Yosep Kim검색



  • Hojoong Jung검색

    Senior Researcher


    Integrated quantum photonic devic

  • Hyang-Tag Lim검색

    Senior Researcher


  • Hyeonjun Baek검색

    Senior Researcher


  • Jeon Seungwoo검색

    Senior Researcher


  • Lee, Seung-Woo검색

    Senior Researcher